"The role of ideology does not diminish as rigor increases and error is dissipated. To tackle the ideological functioning of a science in order to reveal and to modify it is not to uncover the philosophical presuppositions that may lie within it; nor is it to return to the foundations that made it possible, and that legitimated it: it is to question it as a discursive formation; it is to tackle not the formal contradictions of its propositions, but the system of formation of its objects, its types of enunciation, its concepts, its theoretical choices. It is to treat it as one practice among others."

Michel Foucault, The Archaeology of Knowledge (via bemusedbibliophile)

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9-year-old child dies from wounds sustained in Gaza war: Date 01/09/2014, 14:47 (Jerusalem)imagehttp://j.mp/1uldR1t

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All Done Autism Awareness | Autistic Self Advocacy Network

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Jaipur, India 1956

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Composite limestone statuette consisting of a statue of a female serpent deity in front and a stela in back. The goddess has the body of a cobra and a human head. She wears a tall plumed headdress with horned sun disk. On the sides of the statue are representations in sunk relief of the goddesses Nekhbet and Wadjet and a text referring to Psammetichus I. Stela at back depicts a king with the god Horus, but is unfinished.


Provenience: Egypt

Thebes (uncertain) (Egypt)

Buto (uncertain)

Period: Twenty-Sixth Dynasty

Date Made: 664BC-610BC

Penn Museum

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Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Istanbul - Turkey (von -Reji)

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Nago, Japan 

Yuki has been sending me really beautiful photos lately~ 

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"[W]hen PTSD is harnessed for institutional gains, it often means that those diagnosed are meant to pursue therapy in an effort to be ‘cured.’ Political action is often then reduced to the expression of the disorder: it is considered a ‘symptom’ of PTSD. Consider, for example, the incident that sparked all of the interest on the part of the CF [Canadian Forces] Ombudsman: Corporal Christian McEachern driving his SUV into Edmonton Garrison. This incident came to be understood as McEachern ‘acting out’ his disease. His diagnosis with PTSD rendered this action symptomatic of the disorder: pathological rather than political. It was politicized only to the extent that calls for psychiatric treatment were put forward, but sources of the trauma were not scrutinized. Through the diagnosis of PTSD, attention is focused on the individual, McEachern’s psyche, rather than on the conditions of his deployment, the role of the Canadian military, or the use of force in global governance."

Alison Howell, Madness in International Relations: Psychology, Security, and the Global Governance of Mental Health

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Reblog for skeletons ignore for capitalism

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Aussie terror suspect questioned, released

What a shame

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Frogner Park
Oslo, Norway

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How big is Africa, really?

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